Green onyx tile is a tile with very inspiring style.

Many design, style and option is available for remodeling bathroom, kitchen , wall and floor. Green onyx tile has make your design more realistic and smooth. Green onyx tile is the most popular tile for floor and wall. Naturally porcelain and ceramic tile use in bathroom and kitchen but some designer also use in living space. It wood looking tile gives different touch in looking and it’s better for wood. Beautiful green onyx tile features a smooth, high-sheen finish and a random variation in tone to help add style to your decor along with your bathroom vanity.


Diameter Contemporary Round Vessel Style Above Vanity Bathroom Sink made out Natural Multi Green Onyx Stone. Onyx is a translucent stone with pleasing and highly varied colors and markings. It is composed of calcium like marble, but it is much younger, sometimes by a couple of million years or even a few thousand centuries. Certainly each piece of onyx is wholly individual and unique, never a clone, and has its own particular appeal and attraction. It is a prize of Nature. Lastly, the richness of onyx, with its soft light-absorption and light out giving, justifies its name as in “princess of marbles”. With their aesthetic look, these gorgeous sinks are not only functional but a beautiful addition to your home.



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