Peeble natural stone tile is a special addition to the family of tiles.

Floor tiles composed of pebbles and stones are a natural fit for anyone who loves the rustic beauty and tranquility of nature. Tile flooring in both traditional and transitional architecture is easily elevated by the blend of subtle bumpiness and smooth surface created by these natural wonders. Unique in style and look, stone tiles can energize an entryway or shape up a shower and bath with equal appeal.

Granite Charcoal Pebble Cracked Joints Pattern Flat Finish Mosaic Tiles

Pebble Natural Stone Tile  is constructed from durable, impervious, translucent, Granite material, comes in a smooth, high-sheen finish and is suitable for installation as bathroom backsplash, kitchen backsplash in commercial and residential spaces. This beautiful pebble natural stone tile features a random variation in tone to help add style to your decor.


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